A Message From Our President

I lead the discussion in a Sunday School class of only about 5 members, but despite the size and the average age, they are active and interested in all that is going on at Central Christian Church.  They certainly keep me on my toes, asking questions and posing ideas that I appreciate, write down and then pass on to the appropriate department chairs. 


Recently, after one of Andrew’s sermons, our class members were discussing how his message had made them consider our Activities & Programs Center (A&P) and what other uses we might find for it. 


I reminded them that the Strategic Plan for 2015-2020 included goals, one in particular that might lead to additional activity in that building. 

One of the members said that she thought the general congregation might not be aware of or remember the Strategic Plan and she thought that I should mention this again in one of my newsletter articles.  So, for the next few months, I am going to deal with one or two of the goals from this plan. 


First, let me remind you that the Steering Committee worked very hard on their report—spending many hours in meetings, poring over data and discussing ideas before coming to the Five Strategic Goals. Then they assigned each goal to a specific department or group of people. 

Today I will remind you of Goal #2, one of two entitled “Outreach."  This #2 goal was assigned to the Outreach Department and the timeline that was set was that it should be worked on during 2016-2017, concluding at the end of 2017.   This goal reads like this:

Central Christian Church will develop an outreach program to specifically address the issue of poverty in the S. Ellen Jones neighborhood. 

Some background information that the committee learned and which might help you with understanding this goal is that there are a large number of households within this neighborhood with absentee or irresponsible men/fathers. So often, this leads to poverty and becomes the root of many of the problems within the households. Mothers are left to care for and raise their children alone. Many of these mothers have low levels of education and so they do not have the resources for child care because they don’t have the education necessary for better-paying jobs.


The committee then elected to make this one of our church’s goals—to study this matter and identify a specific and concrete mission that addresses it.  Andrew Raker is the chair of the Outreach Dept. and I am certain that Andrew would welcome your comments and ideas.  Specifically, what can our church members do to help the families of the S. Ellen Jones area that we are a part of?  How can we help the children and the parents or guardians to pull themselves up, so to speak, out of their poverty?  How can we show the love of Christ to our neighbors, perhaps utilizing our A & P building more? 

Along with Andrew, I also welcome your comments and hope that you will stop me at church, call me, or e-mail me and share your thoughts and ideas about how we should proceed to achieve this goal.  I look forward each Sunday to meeting in the Parlor from 10:15-10:55 with my little group of enthused and interesting women. All are welcome. In the meantime, remember to……


Keep Calm and Carry On,

Peggy Peter